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Back that app up: 5 great backup utilities for Android. How to properly clean and sanitize your smartphone. but you can also buy full size screen cleaning and microfiber phone cleaning kits.The kitchen gadget is said to be the first smart home appliance from the Mijia. the device comes with a smart app connected via Bluetooth which allows the owner to control the stove from a.Conserve data and battery usage. iCloud Drive: Open the app in Settings and turn off the Use Cellular Data option. Another option is to try Onavo, a free app that compresses data on your smartphone and saves you money. The compression process to your data is much like what cable and satellite TV companies do versus traditional over-the-air.Top Ten Smartphone Apps for You and Your Puppy 6 min read. Congratulations – you are the proud new parent of a fur-baby! As anyone can tell you, bringing your new puppy home is in many ways just like bringing a human baby home. There are feedings, naps, learning and stimulation activities, poopies to clean up. and all of the joys and.Clean Master (or any cleaning app) Just go to Settings > Storage > and tap Cached data. At the Clear cached data prompt, hit OK. Alternatively, you can clear the cache of individual apps by going to Settings > Apps > Downloaded and tapping on an app. On the next page, tap Clear Cache .And perhaps you already have the air purifier and the home safe, both powered by smartphone apps. Your television set can also be. ideation and go-to-market strategy for Blaze and works on clean.How to Completely Uninstall, Remove an app on an Android smartphone. To remove a program in the Android smartphone, we uninstall it from apps manager. We always try to do the things ourselves so today in this tutorial; Sharing some easy to use steps which will help you in completely uninstall an app on your android’Smart Cleaner’ helps your smart phone can be optimized easily! [Features] – Removes App Cache – Removes Temporary Internet Files – Removes Web History – Clean Processes – Removes Search History – Removes Download Files Very easy! download and try it now!